Statement Lamps

Whatever your style, having the right lighting in your space is key to creating that inviting feeling that is desired in any room.  Have a peek at few of my favourite examples of table lamps that are sure to make a statement in your space.  Best of all - they can be purchased from retailers throughout Canada - more specifically, in the Toronto area!


1/Timeless Table Lamp{Elte}
2/Tortoise Table Lamp{Elte}
3/Striped Bocce Table Lamp{Hollace Cluny}
4/Cleo Table Lamp {Crate & Barrel}
5/Kudu Table Lamp {West Elm}
6/Satellite Table Lamp{BoConcept}
7/Lunar Table Lamp{EQ3}
8/Egee Driftwood Table Lamp{Trianon}
9/Branch Table Lamp{West Elm}