Pattern on Pattern

Pattern on pattern is admittedly one of the trickier looks to master. It takes an in depth knowledge of design fundamentals to pull off. If you're debating giving this bold trend a shot, consider these tips before taking the plunge. 

Regardless of your personal taste, it is important to remember the golden ratio, which aims to keep colours in proportion. In this intricate living room, for instance, the dominant palette is made up of black and raspberry. A canary yellow and jewel-toned purple deepen the mix, while turquoise accents add unexpected pops to complete the look. By limiting the scheme to five colours, the vibrant patterns avoid commanding attention away from the rest of the scheme. 

Another important consideration to keep in mind is the room's theme. In this posh dining room, the designer is clearly inspired by Asiatic decor, and therefore incorporates it into every aspect of the design. The result is a unified look that is still beautifully intricate. 

If you're tempted to integrate several different patterns into a space, it is important to select one as your focal point. In this sitting area, the designer purposely varies size and texture to ensure that the focus remains on the gorgeous wallpaper, as opposed to the rich sofa and wicker chair. This technique adds visual interest without overwhelming the eye. 

Another alternative is experimenting with existing textures to create new patterns. In this handsome library, the striped wallpaper creates an entirely different effect when it is applied to both the walls and ceiling. The results are bold and totally unique. 

-April Hudson 

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Mo Medeiros said...

I love the library. The striped ceiling creates a great atmosphere here and the book shelf in the middle of the room is FANTASTIC!! Books also add a great texture and pattern in themselves to the room.

April Elizabeth said...

I completely agree! The entire room is drop dead gorgeous and so unexpected! The books are a perfect final touch :)