Montreal: Restaurant Guide

Montreal is hands down one of the most charming cities in Canada, with seemingly endless options of good food and entertainment.  With so many delectable restaurants popping up every month, it only makes sense to have locals weigh in on the best culinary spots to check out next time you're in town and looking to dine in style.  

Imadake | 4006 St-Catherine W | 514.931.8833 | www.Imadake.ca

"Imadake is a dream for meat lovers. They have all types of Japanese grill specialties on top of great choices of Ramen. It is the closest thing to Japan in Montreal and is affordable. The night always ends with some great Sake bombs" 

-William Goodfellow

Ice House | 51 Rue Roy E | 514.439.6691 

"Fun, fast and flavorful, the food at this restaurant is only rivaled by its drink selection. The laid back staff makes the experience all the more enjoyable. It's a great place for foodies with a variety of interests, regardless of whether you prefer your tacos with pulled pork, fish or fried avocado."

-Tracey Regimbal 

Pinxto | 256 Rue Roy E | 514.844.0222 | www.pinxto.ca

"Pintxo is the city's best kept secret. The cuisine is unique and offers flavourful combinations that you've never tried before but taste exquisite. The service is also really good!" 

-Natasha Isloor 

Blackstrap BBQ | 4436 Rue Wellington | 514.507.6772

"Blackstrap BBQ is an award-winning bbq food spot in Montreal. It's also affordable!"

-Megan Hudson 

Kazu | 1862 St-Catherine W | 514.937.2333 

"Kazu's got a constantly-changing menu and a unique dining area where you can either order or ask for the chef's recommendations."

-Kim Belair 

Les 400 Coups | 400 Rue Notre-Dame E | 514.985.0400 | www.les400coups.ca 

"Les 400 Coups is the next up and coming restaurant in Montreal. You can't go wrong when you have six courses with lobster in every dish!"

-Alissa Stachrowski 

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A special thanks to all of the contributors for their recommendations. Please note that some quotes may have been slightly modified. 

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