DIY | The Classic Mason Jar

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[6] creative DIY projects using
"The Classic Mason Jar"

[1] Stunning Light Fixtures!
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[2] Lovely Mason Jar Lanterns! 
Tip: Use a strong crafters wire to hang jars. 
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[3] Charming Candles 
Tip: Try tinting the jar pretty pastel colours. Step by step instructions can be found [via]
[Right] Using mod podge, place strips of fabric onto the inside of the jar.
[Left] Love this idea! Great for a outdoor dinner party!
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[4] Rustic Mason Jar Planters
I love the use of a rustic barn board to display the planters. Looks like a piece of art!
TIP: Use adjustable metal ties to secure jars to board. This is a super simple and easy DIY!
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[5] Pretty Vintage Vases
TIP: Partially washing off the paint around the letters creates a worn vintage look!

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[6] Unique Photo Holders!
Use a mason jar to display favourite old photos. Beautiful! 
Tip: Tightly roll the photo and place into jar. You can secure the photos with small glass pebbles. 

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Mason jars are fantastic for creating 
inexpensive DIY's that look great!

There are so many mason jar DIY's floating around, I am constantly coming across new ones! I will be posting more ideas in the weeks to come. Stay tuned!