A Very Manly Guide to Design

Are you a bachelor? Do you live in a great apartment, loft or house that is lacking the je ne sais quoi of an orderly and stylized space. Interiors are places we want to be comfortable in, spaces we want to entertain in, so let's not forget that stacks of randomness and old socks are not design statements. There are a number of ways to rectify our design problems.

If you follow the Step-by-Step guide you are sure to have a much more cultivated home in which company will feel the space is much more man-like and less how-does-he-live-here-like.


Invest in a hamper that is large enough to hold A LOT of clothes. Everyone knows how important clean clothes are but keeping dirty ones in their place are just as important. You most definitely do not want to have dirty clothes overflow, this is never okay. 

Your bed should have linens that are fresh and updated and match and work well with the colour scheme of the drapes and rug. I always opt for solid linens and overstuffed pillows. If you want to add extra drama to your bedroom, painting the walls a great is an inexpensive option that you can achieve fantastic results with.


Bookshelves our your friend. Chances are if you area reading this, then you like to read. My advice is invest in a great bookcase and style your books according in a manner that you feel coordinates with the space. Be it by genre, or by a colour scheme of the book jacket, either way; organize them in a manner that looks thoughtful. Let the organization of your books be a design statement.


This one is pretty simple. A great table and chairs that reflect your style but don't forget to toss out the cracked plates and glasses and make sure that there is a consistency to your dinnerware.


This is your retreat, so it matters most to invest in great pieces that are extra comfortable and can stand the test of time and a few stains. Unless you are a absolute neat freak, your sofa should be a darker colour, one that could hide spills and the fabric should be something that you know how to maintain. I always opt for darker browns, or greys because chances are you are going to regret the crimson red in about 5 minutes.

Find ways to add personal touches to the space that reflect your personal style. For example, if you like music - no music posters that are unframed. Instead have them mounted and framed. Or have your favourite albums framed and mount them on the wall. If you're a big tennis fan, incorporate tennis inspired elements into the space, but be cautious of being too gimmicky.

A little bit of consideration of your space goes a long way. Design isn't necessarily about owning elegant things but instead about considering the things that you do own and how to graciously incorporate them into your spaces.

If you'd like more design advice, contact me here, here and here.

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JD Halperin said...

Fantastic! Understated, simple, smart, practical, personal, unpretentious but elegant. These are the pillars of timeless aesthetic style and you embody them.