Timeless Style

A well-rounded design scheme is hardly complete without a timeless component. A room instantly feels more sophisticated and better-curated when classic style is infused into the mix. 

A luxurious tufted chair is perfectly suited to this beautiful Italian home. To pull off the look, try upholstering a similarly-styled piece in fashionable velvet as shown above. Slate walls also keep the scheme contemporary and on trend. 

The playful contrast between the mid-century modern scheme and classic mouldings is breathtaking. Neutral tones let the eye wander and take in the clean lines of the furniture and ornate features of the room, which are all the more dramatic given the exaggerated scale and proportion in play. 

These beautiful console sinks are a classic take on current bathroom trends. To complement the nostalgic look, opt for antique brass mirrors that have acquired a natural patina that is impossible to replicate. 

This ultra-contemporary space is made all the more fabulous by the massive Baroque mirror featured in the centre of the room. To mimic this look on a less grandiose scale, opt for the simple and sophisticated effect of white paired with antique gold frames. 

The deep twilight blue walls and capricious artwork are well-paired with the glistening chandelier. Combined, the effect is slightly melancholic and effortlessly chic. The look simply would not be complete without the almost ethereal timeless touch. 

Images via 1.2.3

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