Gallery Walls

Creating a successful gallery wall can often seem like a daunting task. That being said, it can also be the highlight of a well-decorated home, especially if the display emphasizes personal style and taste. 

In this living room, the seemingly random selection and placement of art mirrors the eclectic furniture scheme. To create flow, ensure that the colour tones present in the overall design are also reflected in the artwork. In this case, the art is mostly subdued to match the largely neutral palette.

Think outside the box with this unique gallery wall that adds sophistication to a contemporary kitchen. The matching frames keep the display clean and non-cluttered, which is important in a cooking area. If space is limited, try creating the look on a smaller wall that wouldn't otherwise be used for upper cabinets. 

If you're inclined to add a touch of drama to your home, opt for a bright and bold canvas display that creates a fantastic focal point. Pairing the gallery wall with simple neutrals and a light-weight pendant keeps the emphasis on the abstract art without overwhelming the space. 

If you're short on free walls, try creating the look in a hallway that otherwise may be overlooked. Maximize vertical space by using an assortment of smaller frames that can be hung-up to the ceiling without looking cluttered. 

A black, white and brown photography display emphasizes the exposed brick's natural beauty by accentuating its rich colour. Avoid over-thinking the picture placement to mimic the brick's natural ruggedness and effortless style. 

Images via 1.2